Sunday, August 1, 2010

Sungguh Mudah

Anda hanya perlu:
 1. basahkan tangan dan sabun dengan air
 2. gosokkan sabun di tapak tangan sehingga berbuih
 3. tempekkan buih ke muka (jgn sapu)
 4. tunggu hingga 3 minit dan bilas

 hasilnya sungguh menakjubkan!!!


The secret to this miracle bar of soap is a beautiful marriage between the Deep Moor from Austria and IndinineLuxe. When added together, these two wonderful ingredients work their magic and does wonders on our skin!

In search of beautiful skin, many of us spends thousands of dollars on facials and spa treatments. But did you know that most high end beauty salons just work on using a secret ingredient- MOOR?

Made of Heilmoor of Austria, this special mud is created over 3000 years and has the essence of over 700 herbs and plants in it.

Suitable for all skin types, Eumora is formulated for daily use to cleanse, tone, and moisturize the face for the conditioned look.
"All you have to do is to work the Eumora facial bar into lather, gently massage into the skin, leave it on to permeate your skin for 3 minutes and wash off with water. Admire the effects of Eumora conditioned skin in the mirror, as it continues throughout the day."
EUMORA is also effective as a shampoo and shaving foam.

Normal Price:

4 X 25g box = RM 300
1 X 25 g bar = RM 80


4 X 25g box = RM 260
1 X 25 g bar = RM 75


Skin Detox Programme
Want beautiful skin that glows?

Want to reverse the trails that time has left on your face?

Want your skin to be smooth, supple and radiant like that of a baby?

Better still, want all these wonderful results within 3 minutes?

It's easy! With Eumora Facial Bar.

MOOR + H-MA + BASE FROM EUROPE = Nature's most potent normalization and rejeuvenation for skin and hair!

Made from 3 active ingredients: MOOR (that is derived from glaciers that are more than 3000 years old), Hydro-micro Alga (H-mA) and a base that is imported from France, the Eumora bar is a fast effective bar that gives you beautiful skin within 3 minutes!

Here is a bar that can bring balance back to your skin and reverse most skin problems to give you baby smooth skin again.

Eumora Promotes Skin Health

Eumora is the only true alternative to soap, skincare & cosmetics. While most skincare products are made mostly out of water (most skincare products are 70% water), Eumora is created from 95% active ingredients. It does not just treat the symptoms that you have on your skin but heals the whole skin organ.

There is therefore no need to categorize your skin as dry skin, oily skin or normal skin as the Eumora bar can treat, improve and heal all skin types to return you to baby smooth skin! A true solution for anti aging, this facial bar brings healing from the inside out.

Firms, lifts & put a shine on the face

Reduces & closes up big facial pores.

Removes free radicals & toxins from your face & hair & replenishes them with the right nutrients

Saves on toner, cleanser, shampoo, shaving cream etc

Enhances facial complexion, very potent & shows significant improvement even after using it a few times.

Optimum hydration to reduce wrinkles and fine lines and prevent against common skin ailments associated with dry skin like freckles, wrinkles and fine lines

Collagen Regeneration to ensure that your skin is lifted, soft and supple so that your face constantly looks young!

Cell Rejuvenation to ensure that your skin recovers fast thus lightening scars and giving you an extra glow on the face

Detoxification of the cells on the skin to prevent growth of pimples, blackheads and whiteheads and also to get rid of/prevent skin related problems like skin allergies, rashes, eczema

Radiance revealing to give you extra glow on the face

Improve blood circulation on skin such that for fair people, you get a reddish, healthy glow on your cheeks just like those cute Japanese and European babies!


Normal moisturisers may not penetrate the deep layers of our skin (dermis/hypodermis) and deliver sufficient moisture to repair the damage.

Over the years, dehydration will cause our skin to lose radiance.

The skin becomes more and more fragile as a result and has a less effective barrier against irritant and infection, causing problems like pimples, pigmentation, scars, uneven colouring, oiliness, dryness and even skin diseases like eczema.

Effective within 3 minutes… and continues to work till the next usage!

Thus, it is important to help our skin revert back to their healthy state where skin is soft, tender, smooth and radiant just like that of a baby!

The sensational moor facial bar infused with Hydration microalgae factor (HmA) that is formulated and 100% imported from Europe is most suitable for this. What is more, it is effective within a mere 3 minutes!

Just wet your hands, lather the facial bar and apply the lather on your face gently. Leave it on for 2-3 minutes and wash it off and you will see your face looking more radiant and more beautiful instantly! And the effects continue to improve till your next usage!


With constant use, your friends will be asking you why:

Your skin looks fairer, radiant and glowing

Your skin feels so soft and smooth

Your skin is firm and lifted

Your big facial pores have closed up

Your wrinkle reduces & your freckles lighten

Your eye bags disappear


The following is a list of benefits that you will enjoy from using the Eumora bar and how much it would have cost if you used individual skincare products.

With this SKIN HEALTH product, you go one step beyond skin care and get rid of all of the below mentioned skin problems just with the easy use of ONE FACIAL BAR.


Eumora (European Moor With Algae) is made with 'Tiefen or Deep Moor' from Austria, a rare form of nutrient-rich peat which was formed during the Ice Age Moor


In the 16th Century, the famous alchemist Paracelsus, described Moor as the 'Quinta Essentia Vitae' which he believed was the elixir of life.

Today Moor clinics offering a range of Moor-based treatments have become widespread throughout entire Europe. European doctors regularly prescribe Moor products for treating a host of inflammatory and ulcerative skin, intestinal and arthritic illnesses.

Many hospitals in Germany and Austria now have dedicated Moor treatment facilities with specially trained staff. Nature does know best what our body and our skin needs.

Hundred of herbs, organic compounds, trace elements, plant hormones, natural antibiotics, & other biologically active matter combine to produce one of nature's miracles; the thick rich Moor. The synergy of these natural organic substances gives the Deep Moor its 'miracle' therapeutic, rejuvenating qualities, one of nature's most potent therapeutic and detoxifying substances.

The benefits derived from MOOR are also made possible with the abundance of essential oils, fatty acids and lipoids, which occur naturally and are not artificially introduced, as in most cosmetics.

Research has shown that:-

it penetrates easily into the skin, re-establishing the skin's natural pH balance & increasing the flow of blood to the skin.

the skin is detoxified, purified, toned & revitalized by soluble organic & inorganic active nutrients.

its clinically tested & found to be naturally hypoallergenic & to be able to harmonies with & benefit any skin type, eliminating the need for many different types of creams.


H-ma (microalgae) factor is a unique concentration of natural active ingredients, extracted from the essence of organic Microalgae in energised nano-particles.

It helps the active ingredients penetrate quickly and deeply into the skin to help restore your skin to its luminous glory.

H-ma also helps to renew our skin by:

healing and protecting our skin so as to keep pimples away and lighten scars on the face

removing external irritants & pollutants

penetrating deeply and hydrates continuously

**Note: Some people might experience tightness in skin, pimples, dryness in skin initially. These are all perfectly normal healing crisis and is evident prove that the bar is working on your skin.

Due the removal of external irritants and pollutants, you might have some pimple growth for a short while. As long as you ignore them, they will disappear soon enough and you will see your skin become even smoother and more glowy after that.

As the nano particles go deeply to hydrate your skin from inside out, some people may experience dryness on the surface. This condition will slowly improve and your skin will eventually be continuously hydrated from inside out and you will not need to use moisturizers ever!

A New Beginning

New Products, New Working Partners

Astaxanthin is the world's strongest anti-oxidant, without any of the side effects. It:
Protects skin from ultraviolet light, premature aging of the skin
Lessens age-related macular degeneration
Protect against chemically-induced cancers
Increases HDL
Enhances the immune system, helps to produce anti-bodies to fight disease
Increases Strength and Endurance
Protects the eye from photic injury
A chemo-preventative agent for bladder cancer
Helps with gastric conditions resulting from bacteria
Effective against Carpal tunnel syndrome
Effective against Rheumatoid Arthritis
Helps joints and muscles recover after exercising

You can read more about Astaxanthin here:
Astaxanthin eyed as weight loss ingredient
Astaxanthin may boost muscle endurance and fat loss
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Astaxanthin: The Little-Known Miracle Nutrient for Inflammation, Anti-Aging, Athletic Endurance and More

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